Le Fauchon opened its doors for business on a rainy day (the fruit of years of research and tasting into the French culinary arts), standing out amongst the array of antique and incense stores as the sole restaurant on Staunton street, shining warmly against its eclectic surroundings. Inside, one was instantly enveloped by the ambrosial aroma, drifting from the open kitchen. Dish after dish, exquisitely prepared was presented before you, with the seafood and other ingredients flown directly from France to insure absolute authenticity. The mouth watering audacities were accompanied by impeccable service, nothing more could be asked for, such an experience was no doubt a bombardment of the senses - taste, smell and sight. Accordingly, a steady stream of foreign diplomats, local celebrities and wealthy business men became loyal patriots to the restaurants, bringing a dash a glamour into the rooted Staunton Street. Le Fauchon’s distinctive French cuisine was renowned all over Hong Kong.

     Post 1997 handover, post SOHO, post recession, post SARS, post everything, much has changed, yet Le Fauchon still shines as brightly as it did the day it first opened. No longer at its original location, it’s legacy has been succeeded by Brasserrie Le Fauchon, and Le Fauchon Colour. Years has passed but little is different - ingredients are still flown in, the service is still attentive as ever, and as for the food, one has to only taste it to understand the artistry and thought put into each dish, it continues to bring a slice of haute French cuisine to the everyday Hong Kong cosmopolite.

     A good thing is irrelevant to its surroundings, it lasts and withstands and is timeless, Le Fauchon and its cuisine is the perfect proof of such.
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